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Reviews Continued

Pain Decreased with 3 Visits

I first came to Ryan Chiropractic a few days before I was to leave for a month long trip to Europe and was not able to move. My lower back was extremely painful and I could not imagine spending 8 hours in a plane or walking for hours through the European cities my husband and I planned on visiting. After 3 adjustments my pain was almost gone and I enjoyed our European adventure. When I came back to the United States, I also found out that I had gotten pregnant while in Europe. This was a miracle! My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for three years.

Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to have weekly adjustments and suffered no back pain whatsoever.

My baby is now three months old and he too has been benefiting from being adjusted. He had trouble turning his head to the left side and after only two adjustments he is doing so much better. I would never have thought that Chiropractic could do so much for anyone, but I would definitely give it a try!

– L.K.

Chiropractic Helped My Heart Condition

My name is Eddie Bilinkas, I am 24 years old and I have been a patient at Ryan Chiropractic since the summer of 2013. Before coming to Ryan Chiropractic I was diagnosed with a deadly heart disease known as Brugada Syndrome. This heart disease is extremely rare and can lead to sudden heart arrhythmias, which can lead to death. After being diagnosed with this heart condition, I was in the intensive cardiac unit for four days at the hospital. The cardiologist’s recommendation was to immediately implant a defibrillator to my heart in efforts to shock my heart in case I ever went into sudden cardiac arrest. My family and I were almost positive that I was going to walk out of the hospital with a battery-device defibrillator attached to my heart. Before my life was going to change forever, I wanted to explore every option and consult with other professionals to make sure a surgical operation was in my best interest.

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Within a week I was introduced to Doctor Ryan. His initial tests and scans found that I had extreme nerve blockage between the nerves that affected my heart. The scan indicated that my nerve pressure was off the chart and that there was much room for improvement and possibly another option besides surgery to implant a defibrillator. Doctor Ryan was adamant that surgery should be the last resort and that if my problem is coming from subluxation in my spine, then he could help me.

I started going to Ryan Chiropractic almost every day. Doctor Ryan would constantly explain to me that my spine controls every aspect of my body and that any nerve pressure can negatively affect certain parts of my body. It was clear that the vertebrae corresponding to my heart was in very bad condition, so Doctor Ryan focused on taking the nerve pressure away from my heart. Weeks went by and improvement was noticeable. My scans and tests all immensely improved. After months of chiropractic care, I went back to the hospital to consult with my cardiologist. The cardiologist changed his mind and stated that I did not need an implantable defibrillator anymore. He said that I had gone from a serious Type-I Brugada diagnosis to a low-risk Brugada diagnosis. However, what my cardiologist did not know was that I had been going to Ryan Chiropractic almost everyday.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I was days away from listening to my cardiologist and implanting a permanent device to my heart that would change my life forever. I took a step back and put my faith in Ryan Chiropractic. After months of constant adjustments and clear improvements by Doctor Ryan, I no longer needed heart surgery. This change of direction did not happen by chance. It was directly attributable to Doctor Ryan and his endless dedication towards my life.

I am eternally grateful for not having to implant a defibrillator to my heart. There is no doubt that Ryan Chiropractic played a vital role in changing my life forever. Ryan Chiropractic not only enabled me to dismiss the option of heart surgery but I am now stronger, healthier, and more confident that ever. I am a walking, talking, and breathing example of how Ryan Chiropractic can change someone’s life forever.

– Eddie Bilinkas

Chronic Ear Infections

I have had chronic ear infections since I was an infant. I had eleven surgeries. Two months before I was about to get my 12th surgery I started coming to Dr. Ryan. I told him about my ear problems. He said he could help me. We weren’t sure if we would have enough time before my surgery. The day I went for my surgery my ear doctor looked in my ear and said never mind you can go home your ears look fine. I was so happy I could not thank Dr. Ryan enough.

– J.L.

Improvement in Overall Health

“After about a year of chiropractic adjustments, I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall health. I no longer suffer from constant lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. I enjoy a more restful nights sleep and less ear, nose, and throat problems.

Chiropractic adjustments helped throughout my pregnancy. While other pregnant friends were complaining of constant backaches, I was completely free of any spinal problems. I could not imagine pregnancy without constant adjustments.

I am also glad that my daughter is being adjusted. Her first adjustment was at just 13 days old. Chiropractic adjustments add to her overall health and well-being.”

– J.M.

Chronic Ear Infection Help

When our 9-month-old son was being treated for an ear infection and was on his “THIRD” antibiotic in 5 weeks, we decided to look into Chiropractic Care. We already went through “tubes in the ears” with our three-year-old last year, including the several rounds of antibiotics, the complications that go with antibiotics, and the fighting to get the child to take the antibiotic. (Pink, blue or whatever the color, it still does not taste good.) There must be an easier way.

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We interviewed several moms that had no connection to Dr. Ryan, but had switched to Chiropractic Care after the typical treatment for ear infection did not work or were going down the road to Tympanostomy. Each mother had positive results with Chiropractic Care and they continue to bring their children to a chiropractor. I also spoke to our pediatrician to get his view on it. He was open to the idea and had heard positive reports, but no medical findings. In listening to others, doing some Internet research, and from my own recent results (I just started Chiropractic Care about 2 months earlier), we decided to go ahead with Chiropractic Care.

Matthews first adjustment was a day after going to the pediatrician where we were told that he still had fluid in his ears and that we should talk about “tubes in the ears” and maintenance antibiotic. Matthew was also not sleeping well, most likely due to the pressure in the ear and this also made us tired too. Up to this pediatrician visit, Matthew has been on three antibiotics and weeks of decongestants with no positive results. I do not doubt our Pediatricians skill or knowledge, that is why we consulted with him first and will continue to do so.

Dr. Ryan adjusted Matthew while we held our breaths. Matthew did not flinch or make any kind of reaction to the adjustment. I continued to bring Matthew in twice a week for two weeks and then once a week for two weeks, then he was off to the Pediatrician for a follow up. The report was no fluid in the ears and no infection. During the weeks of chiropractic adjustments we had stopped giving the antibiotics and the decongestants.

My wife and I are both medical professionals (OT and MT) who love our children very much, who did some investigation, and asked a lot of questions. I believe that the Chiropractic Care that Dr. Ryan uses facilitated in the healing of my son and was a part of the treatment. We will continue to use both professions (the Pediatrician and Chiropractor) in the future and hopefully less antibiotics.

– R.W.

Chiropractic Helps Heal 9 yo Heal Faster

Sarah used to suffer with spring/fall allergies and was instructed by our pediatrician to take Zyrtec daily. We stopped this almost very quickly after Sarah came to Dr. Patrick.
Had repeated ear infections (tubes in and out x 2) has not had any issues since coming with any ear infections…

Had eczema on her shins and forearms when we first started ( I did not want her to use the harmful creams) that went away completely. Less sick time out of school, but if she has had to take a day due to a cold etc. we come to Dr. Patrick and her recovery from a cold etc. is much quicker. I no longer have used antibiotics, cold remedies (cough syrups, nasal decongestants or Advil/Tylenol)

Sports injuries-basketball jammed fingers have healed much faster w/ adjustments made to the injured fingers. Moderately sprained ankle which Sarah was on crutches for and the sports trainer at our school was recommending we see a orthopedic, we had Dr. Patrick adjust the ankle and foot and increase our fish oil and Sarah was off the crutches in a week. And again healed much faster.

– Sarah

Healthy Lifestyle with Chiropractic

Erika was on an inhaler for (exercised induced asthma) she was able to wean off of the inhaler and no longer need to use this for her sports. Erika was prone to getting strep throat infections and would be prescribed of course antibiotics, she has no longer needed to take antibiotics at all since those early years. I can not even recall the last time either of my children have taken antibiotics. Additionally, Erika has w/ her sports especially skiing experienced some falls and hurt her lower back which Dr. Patrick w/ time and adjustments has been able to relieve the achy pain she was experiencing and make her feel better.

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As a mom you are always wanting to keep your children well free of illness and help them adopt healthy habits. Hoping the healthy habits will continue once them become grown adults with their own families. Chiropractic along with other lifestyle habits (ie eating well, getting enough sleep and regular exercise) have given my family the gift of health. As a family, we have first hand ALL experienced better posture, far less sick days and faster recovery if an illness or injury does occur. My family knows and has the HABIT right now if we do not feel well, rather than visit our primary care physician and or pediatrician. We make an appointment with Dr. Patrick, we don’t take prescriptions or even over-the-counter remedies at all. We get an adjustment, continue all our vitamins (those recommended by Dr. Patrick), increase our fish oil and use our diet and rest as well to enhance our immune system to function the way in intrinsically already knows how to function.

Thanks Team Ryan Chiropractic-our health has been improved tremendously since being in your care for 9 years.



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