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Reviews Continued

Help for Myself and 2 Young Daughters

My first experience with Ryan Chiropractic was while I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, Cadence. I was about 33 weeks into the pregnancy and she was still in the breech position. I really wanted to have a natural birth and knew that if she didn’t turn on her own that would be less likely. I came in to see Dr. Patrick because he was trained Webster technique which I had read can help encourage the baby to turn. Immediately I was so impressed with the thorough and precise evaluation they did before they ever did any adjustments. The whole office impressed me with their professionalism and enthusiasm. After 2 or 3 visits with Dr. Patrick the baby moved into a better birthing position and when the time came we experienced a natural and medication-free birth.

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More recently I came back to Ryan Chiropractic for my younger daughter, Holly. She is 2 years old and had been suffering with chronic sinus infections. It seemed she would get a small cold or allergies, but it would just never clear out of her nose. She was a constant green boogery mess. After putting her on an antibiotic and having the sinus infection come back after just 2 weeks, I knew I didn’t want to go that route again. Remembering how impressed I was with this office, I was very hopeful that chiropractic was a better alternative. At the same time I got Cadence and myself evaluated.

Cadence didn’t have any real complaints or problem areas but I had a lot of pain and tension in my neck and shoulders and numbness and tingling in my hands. With Holly, I feel we noticed a gradual improvement of her symptoms within the first two weeks. Her runny nose was slowing down and becoming less green and more white or clear. By the end of Dr. Patrick’s initial recommended time of adjustments, her nose was completely booger-free. Since then she has been on more of a maintenance schedule and doing great. Recently we all came down with a very low grade cold, and I noticed her runny nose was back. I thought this was the real test, because in the past this would just continue on and on and get worse and worse. This time however, her runny nose never turned to that yucky green and cleared up very quickly and we are booger-free once again.

Though Cadence didn’t have any specific complaints we decided chiropractic care made sense to keep her strong and healthy too. She just started Kindergarten, and she recently came home and told me that everyone in her class has a cough or cold except her. I had to smile thinking that we started her adjustments just in time. Both girls love coming to the office — both for the toys and the adjustments. When it’s their turn to be adjusted they both jump right up for it. And they love the stickers too.

I am feeling significantly better as well. The tightness and pain in my neck and shoulders are so much less. The numbness in my hand is steadily improving too. I have more energy and generally feel clearer in my thinking. I love getting the progress evaluations and seeing the positive results there too.

– Lenore, Cadence and Holly Palen

Chiropractic Care Made a Dramatic Change in My Life

Two years ago, my health was at an all-time low. My immune system was compromised and I was constantly coming down with one illness or another. I had difficulty sleeping, problems with anxiety and my quality of life was definitely suffering. I visited several doctors, underwent many tests, and still had no answers about what was wrong. At my husband’s urging, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Ryan. It was my hope that chiropractic care would improve the pain in my neck and back. I was not familiar with the idea that chiropractic care could put me on a path to wellness.

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From the moment I walked into Ryan Chiropractic, I could feel the positive energy and the dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle. I immediately experienced a care and understanding from both Dr. Geri Ryan and Dr. Pat Ryan that I have never experienced from any of the many other doctors and specialists I have visited in the past. Ryan Chiropractic also provides many resources for wellness education. I began to notice such a difference in my health and in my attitude toward health that I decided to bring my 4 year-old son to Dr. Ryan as well.

My son had been suffering from allergies, ear infections, and asthma since he was six-months old. He was literally sick all of the time and had been taking allergy medication on a daily basis for almost three years. Shortly after starting chiropractic care, he no longer needed the allergy medicine and his sleep pattern improved dramatically. This has been his first pneumonia-free winter since he was a baby. At four years-old he looks forward to his adjustments because he knows it keeps him well and because he enjoys the visits with Dr. Ryan, Dr. Gould and Sarah.

I can’t thank Dr. Ryan and staff enough for the dramatic change chiropractic care has made in the health of my family. I have stopped taking several prescription medications and am enjoying better health than I have in years. My whole family has a renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Very rarely can something so simple and enjoyable make such a difference in your life!


 Joanne Hugues

Wonderful Drug-Free Pain Management

I began seeing Dr. Patrick during my 8th month of pregnancy. I was having extreme lower back pain for obvious reasons. I have always had back pain due to various sport injuries from earlier years. I have also had three knee surgeries and had periods of severe pain in my right knee. In the past, I would take large amounts of anti-inflamatories. Having regular chiropractic care has been a wonderful drug-free pain management system! Not only am I experiencing less pain, but also an overall sense of better well being.

– B.W.

Asthma Helped with Chiropractic Care

Both of our children have been seeing Dr. Ryan weekly for almost two months. After just a couple of weeks of chiropractic adjustments, our 4 year old daughter now requires only half the does of one of her asthma medications. (Yes, MEDICATIONS – she took more than one) and has not had to use her other “rescue medication” at all!! This time of year leading up to winter is her most difficult time with allergies, colds, and asthma flare-ups. If she makes it through the next 4 weeks, it will be the first time since she was an infant that she has not had to visit her medical doctor during the fall months.

I want to offer a huge thank you to Dr. Ryan and team for making our visits such a pleasurable, beneficial and rewarding experience.

– C.P.

Help During Pregnancy

Growing up back home, I had been under chiropractic care for a number of years with problems related to my neck and shoulders. Recently I moved into this area, here in Randolph, and was 30 weeks pregnant at that time. Up until that point I was feeling good and was having a good pregnancy without a lot of issues. For this I was very thankful.

Around the 29th week of pregnancy I started to feel pain in my right lower side and leg, which over the following days would progressively become more intense. I began having difficulty with walking, standing, sleeping and general movement. I tried various treatments to relieve the pain but was not successful. I was referred to Dr. Ryan, by my husband, but was a little hesitant because I was pregnant. After meeting with Dr. Ryan and his staff my concerns were discussed and I felt confident and encouraged by the protocol that he had suggested. After only two weeks of treatments, I went from barely able to walk to being able to walk 4 miles without sever pain. After my third week of treatment I was walking and moving again normally without any pain or discomfort. My greatest moment of appreciation was experienced when my husband and I took four visiting Europeans into New York City for the day. I was able to participate in the entire day’s activities including walking for many hours – “pain free!”

I am very grateful to Dr. Ryan for his ability to treat my sciatic nerve and give me the mobility that I had lost so that I’m able to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. His expertise and professionalism in treating adults, children and babies is amazing. He truly has a passion for seeing others live life to the fullest.
God bless,

– R.W.

Chiropractic Helped Infant’s Ear Infections

After 5 consecutive ear infections, my daughter’s pediatrician was pressing for her to have tubes put into her ears. My husband and I did not feel that tubes were the answer. They were a quick fix to a problem that could resurface again in the future. We also were not comfortable with the idea of surgery on our 10 month old. We heard about pediatric chiropractic from friends and co-workers whose children had similar problems. We decided to give it a try. After a couple of months with Dr. Ryan, our daughter not only was cold-free, but the fluid in her ears disappeared! Our daughter is the healthiest she’s been in a really long time!!!

– Paula .W.



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