Four Pillars of Physical Health in Randolph

Four Pillars Of Physical Health in Randolph

Chiropractic Randolph NJ Four Pillars Of Physical Health

As humans, we are only as capable as our bodies are. Several aspects of life can try and compromise our physical state, but focusing on key components like exercise, posture, chiropractic care and sleep can help equip you with all the mojo you need to remain in optimal health in Randolph.

Exercise in Randolph

Exercise is a nutrient our bodies depend on, not a luxury when we have the time! There are 7 core elements to exercise and it is important in incorporate all of them into your exercise regimen. These 7 elements are cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, speed, power, flexibility, balance and mental strength. If you need help incorporating these into your routine, feel free to ask the doctors!

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments not only restore nerve function globally throughout the body, they also restore motion to areas that are not moving properly. A sedentary joint causes global stress effects on the body, causing it to age prematurely. Degeneration doesn’t happen to a properly functioning joint. Adjustments don’t just help you stay healthy, they help you stay young!


Posture, when compromised, creates microtraumas that cause accumulative damage to your health over time. Chronically bad posture can lead to body imbalances and asymmetry, which make it very difficult for your body to keep moving along properly! Good posture also makes it easier to breathe which supplies your blood with the right amount of oxygen to function! May is Posture Month, we’ll dive deeper into this one.


Sleep is the most underrated thing you can do to keep your body in optimal health. Recommended sleep for most people is 6-9 hours a night, which allows the body to repair. However, most people actually do damage to their bodies during this time by sleeping in compromising postures. The best posture to sleep in is on your back with a cervical pillow to properly support the cervical (neck) spine.


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